Opel Flextreme Concept

Opel Flextreme Concept was introduced at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in 2007. This cool car has a low emission mobility propulsion with the E Flex technology. The flextreme concept has a lithium ion battery as it’s energy source, this car also has additional energy from 1.3 liter turbo-diesel onboard CDTI engine. This innovative vehicle is expected to emit less than 40 g of CO2 per km. After charging for three hours at 220 volts this car will be at it’s full capacity. The engine also include the integration of two high tech electric personal transporters, located below the cargo floor. This electric transporters provide extra mobility option up to 38 km of clean mobility.

Opel Flextreme Concept has a dynamic and innovative exterior and interior design. Flextreme has a large transparent roof and two tailgate doors that open from the side and swing upwards it also has narrow boomerang shaped lights and sloping swage line in the side graphics. The front part is decorated with front grill and rims which are covered by lightweight transparent trim made from polycarbonate to improve aerodynamics and enhancing visual aesthetics. This concept car has a unique and practical door which they call the FlexDoors, the front door open in the conventional manner and the rear door are rear hinged.

Flextreme Concept has a futuristic interior design with honeycomb structures. The honeycomb structure is a functional, geometric structure located in the instrument panel’s lower portion, above the center tunnel where the lithium-ion batteries are located, cabin floor and cargo floor. This cool automotive has a large panoramic display located directly under the windshield and on the center console. The display are configurable with a touch screen operation to show a complete view of the car surrounding and easy access to various menu such as air conditioning, communication device, infotainment feature and navigation functions.


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