VW Space UP!

Space Up! is a new concept car from Volkswagen. This family car was first introduced at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. VW Space Up! Is a fun car that offers maximum space on the smallest of platform. The exterior design has a very straight lined. This cool car has 3.68 meters length , 1.63 meters width and a large 18 inch wheels with 165/50 tires. The interior has four seat and in the rear is implemented with two integrated child seats. Each of the cushion of the seats has an airflow foam that automatically adapt to individual anatomies. All seat can also be folded and removed except the driver seat.

The engine is using environmentally friendly gasoline engines, diesel engines and electric powertrains. The engine is located in the rear. This cool car also has an 8 inch monitor display that shows vehicle information such as vehicle speed, fuel level, range and CO2 emission. All of the conceivable functions are controlled by a touch screen integrated with proximity sensors that reacts to gestures and specific hand movements. VW Space Up! Is a fun family car with confident design and extremely comfortable seats.


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