The Clean and Safe : Honda PUYO

PUYO is eco friendly design car from Honda, this car is “clean, “safe” and “fun”. Puyo also has great functionality, environmentally responsible and people friendly. Honda PUYO fuel-cell vehicle is intended to create a gentle, friendly impression and entertain the passenger and the people around it.

The exterior of this cool car has "seamless soft box" design and PUYO's "gel body" made from soft material. It has minimalist design featuring an ultra high efficiency. PUYO a spacious interior design because of the seamless exterior design. PUYO has the charm of a cute car that begs to be touched. This eco-friendly car was designed to improve safety, while embedded headlight and other illumination shines through the soft, translucent skin.

Honda PUYO was first introduced at the 2007 Tokyo Motorshow and supposed to be the hope of a more tender relationship between human and machine.


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