Have Fun With Lotus Elise 111R

The Lotus Elise 111R was invented in 1995, Elise comes with a six-speed gearbox. This car is equipped with Toyota C64 six-speed gearbox is fitted with an all-new Lotus designed and developed shift operating mechanism. The C64 gearbox offers a fast, precise and light gearshift, ensuring drivers have total control and flexibility to apply the power exactly as and when required. This car is faster and smoother than its predecessors. Elise is a revelation for someone used to modern luxury car. It’s a pure driving experience, the best fun you can have on wheels.

Engine management : Lotus engine control unit
Max Power : 141kW (189hp, 192PS) @ 7800min-1
Max Torque : 181Nm (133lbft, 18.5kgm) @ 6800min-1
Power to weight ratio : 164kW/t (220hp/t, 223PS/t)
Specific power output : 78.5kW/L (105hp/litre, 107PS/litre)
Emissions control : Three-way catalytic converter.

Transmission :
C64 Gearbox, aluminium lightweight construction, 6-speed, close ratio, constant mesh helical gears and open differential.

Suspension :
Fully independent suspension utilising unequal length wishbones, Bilstein mono-tube gas damper, Eibach coaxial coil spring at each corner and front anti-roll bar.

Chassis :
Lotus designed lightweight structure of epoxy bonded aluminium alloy extrusions with integral steel seat-belt support structure and lightweight steel rear subframe.

Steering :
Solidly mounted mechanical rack and pinion steering box with 2.8 turns lock-to-lock.

Brakes :
Servo-assisted, track tuned 4-channel Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Lotus/AP-Racing twin-piston fixed aluminium alloy front brake calipers, Brembo single-piston sliding rear calipers and 282mm diameter, 26mm thick front and rear cast-iron ventilated & cross-drilled discs.

Performance Figures :
0-60mile/h :
0-100km/h : 5.2s
0-100mile/h (160km/h) : 13.0s
Maximum speed : 241km/h (150mile/h)

Fuel consumption : 12.1litre/100km (23.3mile/gal(UK))
C02 emissions :
208g/km (UK VED band D)

Dimensions :
Wheelbase :
Overall length : 3785mm
Overall width : 1719mm
Overall width : 1850mm
Overall height : 1117mm
Vehicle mass : 860kg (no options) - 916kg (all options)
Weight distribution : 38% Front - 62% Rear

Fuel tank capacity : 40litre (8.8gal(UK))
Luggage capacity : 112litre / 50kg


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